Get Pre-Qualified for an Auto Loan

Knowing how much you can borrow will help you narrow down your choices and save time as you shop for your next car. If you are shopping for a new or used vehicle, online pre-qualified can help you get ahead of the game when you find the right car.
  • Five minutes is all it takes for most customers to complete our online pre-qualification application
  • No vehicle information is needed to establish your pre-qualified loan amount
  • We'll send you a confirmation letter with your pre-qualification loan amount and next steps
Frequently Asked Questions

Is pre-approval different from qualifying for a loan?
The pre-approval does include a credit check. However, the pre-approval process doesn't require you to provide information about the specific vehicle you want to purchase, which makes it ideal if you're still shopping around and want to narrow down your choices by knowing how much you can borrow.

How long does it take to get pre-approved?
It takes most customers just a few minutes to fill out the online pre-approval application, and you may get your answer within seconds. However, we might need to follow up with a phone call for more detailed information before a credit decision can be made. If that's the case, the confirmation message will tell you what to expect next.

If I get pre-approved, am I obligated to pay or buy anything?
There is no cost to apply for a pre-approval or an auto loan online. You're not obligated until you complete the loan process. You'll have 30 days to find the car you want and complete the loan process. 
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